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About us

We created Inclusion Ready Online to bring people together who are interested in achieving inclusion for people with a disability in the Queensland community - people with disability, their families, friends and other connections; service providers; businesses; and community members, organisations and groups.

Inclusion Ready Online is just one part of the Inclusion Ready initiative which is helping individuals, communities and organisations understand inclusion and apply for an NDIA Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants. 

Inclusion Ready is being delivered through a partnership between CSIA and National Disability Services.  The work is funded by the NDIA and supported by the Queensland Government.

We assume that before participating in this forum all members of Inclusion Ready Online have read, understand and accept the following information about Our Focus, How We Do Things, Our Role, and Your Privacy.

Our focus

Inclusion Ready Online is focused on contributing to the NDIS goal of making sure our community becomes accessible and inclusive of people with disability. So people with disability are genuinely connected and experience a sense of belonging in their community. 

To achieve this, we are helping individuals, communities and organisations understand inclusion and apply for NDIA Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants. 

If you need information about access to the NDIS for an individual or about an individual NDIS plan, let us know and we will direct you to relevant information.

How we do things

We’re doing something a bit different on Inclusion Ready Online. To achieve the potential we know is possible, we need everyone to do their bit to build an authentic, constructive and productive community. This means a few rules for the road:

Let your community guide you. We're here to provide a neutral platform for sharing relevant information and opportunities. CSIA, as the platform host, doesn't endorse specific approaches, businesses, services, or events shared on Inclusion Ready Online. Rather, we encourage you to use multiple information sources and ultimately let your community guide you. Your community will provide the best sources of evidence and support, as well as opportunities to consult and collaborate.

Prioritise collaboration, respect competition. Achieving inclusion across our community requires us to work together. Inclusion Ready Online provides a starting place for this. We hope you will others to partner with to build successful initiatives. However, we know that when it comes to funding we work in a competitive environment. Be ask that you respect other people's ideas. Approach them for a chat before taking them on as your own. If you're keen to partner with others but are concerned about competition, consider approaching individual members for a direct conversation.

Be curious rather than certain. Inclusion Ready Online is a friendly forum of people with a great mix of life experiences, skills and aspirations. This diversity provides the best opportunity to achieve inclusion in our community. Sometimes this diversity will mean other people's ideas will challenge our own. If this happens, be curious about the ideas being shared before you react with certainty about your own position. Let's work to build understanding.

Keep it nice. You know the drill. Let's be polite and constructive. Inclusion Ready Online is not the place to criticise individuals, organisations, or programs. If you have any concerns communicate directly with one of our Hosts or Moderators.

Our role

Just to clarify our role, your role, and the role of the NDIA...

  • Information discussed on Inclusion Ready Online about NDIA ILC processes and funding is based on current information. However, this information could change at any time depending on the decisions of the NDIA. We encourage all members to sign up to the NDIA ILC mailing list for updates.
  • The Inclusion Ready initiative offers support for you and your organisation to achieve inclusion and apply for an NDIA ILC grant, however CSIA and NDS have no role in the selection of successful grant applicants.
  • Inclusion Ready Online is being hosted and moderated by CSIA, however each member's contributions are their own and CSIA doesn't endorse any individual perspectives, businesses, services, or events.


Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) is hosting Inclusion Ready Online. CSIA is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information obtained in the course of its operations. CSIA's practices comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Read our privacy statement.

We also expect that participants of Inclusion Ready Online will respect the privacy and confidentiality of others when sharing information within the forum.

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